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Product Chart

Use the chart below to examine the differences between our Hoky models.

Specification Rotorbrush 23T PowerRotor 2400 PowerRotor 3000
Electric No No No
Color Red Enamel Black Black
Weight 2.5 lbs 2.5 lbs 3.7 lbs
Width of Cleaning Head 9 inches 9.5 inches 12.5 inches
Height of Cleaning Head 2.5 inches 3 inches 3.5 inches
Length of Cleaning Head 8 inches 8 inches 11 inches
Adjustable Handle Length No No No
Sturdy Hang Style Handle Grip Yes Yes No
Soft Sure Handle Grip No No Yes
Boar-Bristle Rotorbrush Yes No No
Patented Rubber Rotorblade No Yes Yes
Four Horsehair Corner Brushes Yes Yes Yes
Warranty Against Manufacturer's Defects 1 year 1 year 1 year